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Machining Equipments

We work with cutting edge machining equipments to provide you with the highest quality services in manufacturing and custom fabrication. Starting from CNC to vertical mill, we house the required equipments that can manufacture your parts as per the request. Listed below are some of our machining equipments:

  • (2) Haas CNC Mill VF-3s
  • Cincinnati Vertical Mill 10"x40" table
  • Tree Vertical Mill 10"x40" table
  • Gordon Vertical Mill 10"x40" table
  • American Way CNC Lathe 4" chuck
  • Hardinge Lathe 6" chuck
  • Jet Lathe 6" chuck
  • Leblonc Lathe 8" chuck
  • Comet Verticle Mill 10"x50" table
  • Drill Press ( up to 5/8" chuck)

Machining Equipments

Cutting Equipments

We provide best manufacturing and fabrication jobs with hi-tech cutting equipments giving excellent cut quality. Our laser cutting machines can perform any type of applications such as scrapping, manufacturing, and steel servicing.

  • Elgin Shear 10'x.24" capacity
  • Amada Shear 4'x 3/16" capacity
  • Ellis horizontal band saw 14" capacity
  • Wilton Horizontal Band Saw 12" capacity
  • Doringer 14" cut-off saw 5" capacity
  • Scotchman 12" cut-off saw 4" capacity
  • Amada Notcher 1/4" thick capacity
  • Wilton vertical saw 16" throat
  • Boschert Notcher 1/8" thick capacity

Cutting Equipments

Waterjet Equipments

To provide you the better benefits of technology, we use Flow XD Dynamic 5 Axis Waterjet which cuts accurate parts of various sizes and thickness.

  • Flow XD Dynamic 5 Axis Waterjet
  • 6'x13' cutting envelope, 12" thick material

Welding Equipments

We perform better fabrication services in our industry by administering modern welding techniques. Our multipurpose welding capabilities performs all kind of metal welding jobs required as per the part specification.

  • Lincoln and Miller welding machines
Welding Equipments

Punch Press Euipments

With the use of Amada CNC Vipros 357 Queen and Amada CNC Pega 344, we produce outstanding sheet metal parts meeting high precision requirements.

  • Amada CNC Pega 344
  • Amada CNC Vipros 357 Queen
Punch Press Equipments

Bending Equipments

Using a wide range of bending equipments, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction in our fabrication jobs. We use CNC press breakes which bends large volume of the sheet metal with high speed and accuracy.

  • Elgin Press Break 10' 3 axis
  • Amada CNC press break 8' 2 axis
  • Amada CNC press break 4' 3 axis
  • (2) Whitney Jensen Hand Break 8'/4'
  • Baileigh R-H85 tube bender 4" capacity
  • Wysong Power Roller 5'.25" capacity
  • (3) Hand Rollers 4',3',2'
Bending Equipments